Comments Testimonials from the organisations who are proud to support ASAT

ASAT’s assistance was one of many who stepped up to help us out when we most needed it but what makes ASAT a little special is the friendship that has developed between John [O'Sullivan, ASAT Founder] and my family. John’s efforts enabled Woodford Homes and Blue Eco Homes to come on board and provide management for the work that was required to make the downstairs accommodations suitable for Richy’s return from RNSH.- Mike Voris, on behalf of Springwood United Football Club


I met John O’Sullivan a couple of months ago and I was so Inspired by his passion and commitment towards his charity work for this organisation that I wanted to get involved somehow. I’ve personally been involved in sport since I was very young and still love everything about sport today. 

Unfortunately, as John so rightly pointed out to me, many individuals and families who have suffered a sports related spinal injury are often left to support themselves after the event. To have an organisation such as ASAT trying to raise funds and support this initivative is invaluable for the community. 

I am proud to be a part of ASAT and I look forward to seeing this organisation grow well into the future.

- Craig Small, Evolution Wealth Management


I have been involved with John O’Sullivan and the work with his charity for over 8 years. John is totally dedicated to the realization of the initiatives that he has started. These include the Blue Mountains Blue Wave, ASAT Trust Plate and the Miles Graham Respite Retreat.
John is involved with any family or individual that needs support during difficult times especially during sports injuries which can devastate a life of the person or family.

- Ray Lewin, PC Web


Out of charity John O’Sullivan has donated his many years for the benefit of many individuals that are so soon forgotten when injury takes them from the sport that they love to a wheel chair. We humbly support ASAT as we are motivated in the hope of Humanity remembering that we are not consumers but Givers. Our community in the Blue Mountains is rare and we hope to raise greater awareness as ASAT evolves and provides the first Hospice Retreat and then many more. A legacy in the making!

- Steve and Nikki Bakija, SeeMeOnline


As one of the early supporters of John O’Sullivan and ASAT, we have listened to initial concepts and watched the whole unfolding of what we see as an incredibly much needed concept for the Blue Mountains and beyond.

To see this concept grow into a reality from the beginnings of a strong foundation is very exciting and we can see that much needed support will bring this into fruition which is why we are more than happy to stand behind John and give him and the ASAT our full attention, support and encouragement for months and years to come.

Might I just add, The Blue Mountains is such a rich, diverse and fresh place to reside and it is by having people like John live in this beautiful area and also have the effort to not be contented’ as is but to strive to improve, not just for oneself, but for those doing it tough, that makes the Blue Mountains a  very  special place. 

- Warren Hole, Springwood Printing Co.


We’re proud to have been involved with the Associated Sports Australia Trust for a number of years now. Working on the Blue Mountains Blue Wave was a great experience and proved just what John and his team are capable of.

John’s idea for the Miles Graham Respite Retreat and his tireless work in making it a reality are truly inspiring. As Blue Mountains residents we’d be proud to live in the home of both the Retreat, and of John O’Sullivan!

- Jenny and Ally, Mosher’s Business Support