An Appeal From ASAT Founder John O'Sullivan

John O'Sullivan, founder and leader of the Associated Sports Australia TrustThe Associated Sports Australia Trust belongs to all of us, around the Sporting Globe.

It is our greatest resource for doing good, and it is our responsibility to maintain its strength. I hope every sporting person around the globe will join us by making a contribution to support the ASAT projects this year.

What would it take to change the Sporting World?

It may seem like a lot to ask, but I can tell you that your contribution will make the growth of our programs a reality. Your contribution will enable us to fund projects that will inprove the lives of those in need. It is up to us to honour those in need by not deserting them. Anyone can make a change, and nobody in the sporting world is better at making a change than you. How far would you go, the day after tomorrow?

I’m asking for your help so we can continue our work. Remember that with your help, we will get there, and be there to serve those families according to their needs.

What would it take to change the World of Sport?

Every single person, around the Sporting Globe; donating just once.

One person – one dollar – one month – one sport – one family – one world. One global community.

This year, please consider making a donation to support, protect and sustain those we serve.

If everyone donated one dollar each, our appeal would be over in just a few days.

The future of our organisation is in your hands. Don’t look at it as a donation: think of it as an investment.

Donate now