Activities and Initiatives

Activities and Initiatives

ASAT’s main function is to provide support for individuals sustaining spinal injury in a sporting accident. To this end ASAT has supported a number of individuals and their families in NSW, providing advice and assistance in organising resources and support to help the injured individual adapt to their new lifestyle. ASAT’s assistance is both financial and personal, the link to much-needed – and otherwise hard to find – support systems.

Galleries and Events

May 21, 2011 – Benefit Night for Richard Voris. Photo gallery

ASAT Trust Plate

The Trust Plate was a fundraising golf tournament that ran for several years until 2008. Funds raised from this prestigious event went straight to ASAT’s main cause: supporting those with a sport-related spinal injury. As yet there are no fixed plans for the Trust Plate to continue, but ASAT is grateful for all those who participated and made it a success.